In Luke 5:31 Jesus says, "it is not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick." The church is the hope of the world. We are a city on a hill. Salt and Light. At IMPACT we believe God has positioned us in our region to have positive impact on people. God's heart is that all men would be saved. Whether through healing the hurting, delivering the bound, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry or seeing the lost saved we are here to see lives changed. For far too long the church has been irrelevant in most communities. We desire to see that change.


We at IMPACT believe the best way to live life is with passion. We believe that true passion only comes from God, and out of that passion comes a compassion to love others. Whether in worshiping God or just living our life, we believe passion plays a vital role. 


The presence of the Lord is central to everything we do here at IMPACT. Throughout the Bible, God revealed His presence to people. We believe God desires intimate fellowship with His children, and it is our desire to experience His presence in everything we do. His presence changes everything!