Light the Fire

The Light the Fire Regional Worship Service was formally known as Harp & Bowl. 

Every 3rd Monday of each month- 7pm

HISTORY: The Harp & Bowl service was birthed from the Power Team meetings as the churches came together regionally to pray. Out of those meetings, a small group of people desired to keep coming together and close to 10 years later, these services continue to flourish as various church unite in worship and prayer to God on behalf of our region.

Our Church DNA is to be a blessing to our city, our region and to the world. One of the areas of emphasis in our church is worship and prayer. And out of this desire we host a monthly service to encourage the regional church to come together.

Psalm 133 states there is a commanded blessing given by God when the church comes together in His name. We believe there is a dynamic and power that comes only when various denominations can come together under one banner, Jesus Christ and worship and pray in unity. We believe in each individual church and its ministries. We believe that each one of these churches has its own influence and impact but only working together will we see true regional change.